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We have two agencies: one in Nice and one in Aix-en-Provence. We are specialist of the real estate field of the South of France. More importantly, we love the area and what it offers to its visitors.

We remain in constant contact with the owners to ensure the transaction will be 'easy-peasy.'

We are available at a moment notice at info@myhome.holiday for any question you may have. We commit to providing you with a monthly report regarding your property rental.

Seasonal renting: how does it work?

1/ We agree to a first appointment to visit your property in your presence and discuss the modalities.

2/ We sign a management mandate with you that allows us to manage your property and do an inspection of your property.

3/ You provide us with the following required documents:

  • Property title
  • Certificate established by the Trustee stating that the condominium regulations do not
  • prohibit seasonal rental
  • Insurance certificate
  • Photocopy of the owner's identity card
  • Mandatory diagnostics (2)

4/ You have nothing to manage: we will pay you the rent generated by the rental of your property at the end of each month.

The properties need to meet certain requirements prior to being offered to our customers (seasonal tenants):

  • Being entirely furnished
  • Equipped with a equipped and furnished kitchen and kitchen area (cooking unit, oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishes...)
  • Wi-Fi and television
  • Personal effects and valuable should be removed or stored in a specific room and locked away (clothing, etc.)

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